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Having a puppy in the home is exciting and can be overwhelming at times.  We have listed a few items of great importance that we feel should not be overlooked.


  • Heartworm Protection- protect them for the rest of their life

It’s better to prevent Heartworm Disease than it is to treat it.  Once a month treatment is very easy and can begin as early as 8 weeks of age.  Heartworm disease is transmitted by mosquitoes. Certain products also have a monthly deworming agent in them that will protect them from intestinal parasites that can be picked up in the environment.   Our Doctor will recommend one of the following products – Heartgard OR  Trifexis


  • Flea & Tick Protection

Protecting your puppy from fleas and ticks is as simple as a once a month treatment.  Fleas & ticks multiply very quickly and can become an infestation in your home.  Ingestion of Fleas can also cause Tapeworms (a small worm that looks like a piece of rice in the stool).  Ticks can cause diseases that can create long term problems with your new puppy.  Our Doctor will recommend one of the following products – Nexgard, Frontline Gold, Comfortis, OR Trifexis.


  • Insurance

Young puppies are great candidates for pet insurance because they are new to the world and you never know what they might get into.   There are many companies out there and it can get a bit overwhelming.  Trupanion offers a 30 day free enrollment and they cover 90% of the veterinary costs and we have found that clients that get the insurance are very happy they did.


  • Vaccinations

Your new puppy will receive boosters every 4 weeks starting at 9 weeks of age and usually finishing at 16 weeks.  (Depending on when they started their vaccination series).  We don’t believe in over-vaccinating and follow the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control. 


  • Training

We recommend socializing your new puppy.  Having them as a part of your family and rewarding good behavior and social skills will make their life and your life a more pleasant one.  There are several training facilities that have puppy classes, but we can recommend Kelly with Love on a Leash.  Kelly can be reached at (970) 646-5252 or through her website at