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When choosing toys appropriate for chewing there are 2 main factors to consider:
1. How hard the chew is due to the danger of breaking teeth.
2. Can the chew be broken down into pieces that would be dangerous to swallow and cause a choking or even intestinal blockage hazard?

There are a few toys that are considered safer than others. These include toys with some flexibility to their surface such as Kong toys, rope toys, soft Nylabones, and latex toys. Tennis balls are great "chase toys" but are not ideal for chewing due to their tendency to break apart and for their fuzzy surface to wear down enamel.

Rawhide can be a good choice for chewing as long as your pet is supervised to take away larger pieces that may be chewed off and pose a choking hazard. We recommend using only rawhide that is made in the USA and prefer the products that are treated with dental enzymes to help remove plaque from the teeth.

We discourage the use of toys that are harder than the teeth themselves. These include cow hooves, antlers, animal bones, and hard nylon bones.